To enhance collaboration that stimulates scholarly initiatives between universities, this program offers faculty members from each SEC university the opportunity to travel to other SEC universities to exchange ideas, develop grant proposals, and conduct research.


SEC Faculty Travel Visit Focuses on Agricultural Management During Climate Change

During an SEC Faculty Travel Program visit, Dr. Yoko Kusunose from the University of Kentucky met with Dr. Senthold Asseng from the University of Florida, to discuss potential collaborative research opportunities that could help farmers adapt their practices to climate change.
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Musicians Provide Rare Performance During SEC Faculty Travel Visit

All collaborative musical pieces need the right elements to come together during a performance. Whether it’s a choir performing a gospel song or a band playing its favorite hits in a garage, the musicians and their instruments must synchronize for the piece to come to life.
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SEC Faculty Travel Visit Explores Teasing, Motivation and Self-Esteem

Dr. James Honeycutt from LSU and Dr. Courtney Wright from the University of Tennessee recently participated in an SEC Faculty Travel Program visit to discuss how people use imagined interactions to create instances of affectionate and aggressive teasing of others in their minds.
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