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AI x Education Conference

Saturday, August 5, 2023

The AI x Education Conference, an national online conference, offered free of charge, focuses on exploring the practical adoption and application of AI such as ChatGPT in education while shedding light on the insights from the primary recipients of this transformation – the students. As a student-led endeavor, the conference has already drawn registrations from over 1300 higher-ed and K12 educators across the nation.

The conference, scheduled for August 5th and 6th, features Kristen DiCerbo (Chief Learning Officer of Khan Academy), Stephen Wolfram (CEO of Wolfram Research), Chris Dede (Senior Research Fellow at Harvard Graduate School of Education), and 30+ other thought leaders in education. Most importantly, there will be the participation of over 20 student leaders who will share their insights, providing a vital perspective that has remained unexplored in the majority of discussions. More information about the conference can be found on the website: https://www.aixeducation.com/

The event will allow your faculty members to:

  • Demystify AI and enhance understanding of AI’s role and potential in education
  • Learn innovative teaching techniques and approaches involving AI
  • Understand students’ perspectives and usages of AI in classrooms
  • Foster future discussions and collaborations with education pioneers

For more information, contact David Zheng, davidz7@illinois.edu, UIUC 26, Outreach & Partnership | AI x Education Conference.