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Alabama to the World: Pioneering AI for Rural Resilience

Friday, April 12, 2024

April 12th, 2024

10am CST

Livestreamed on Zoom @ https://auburn.zoom.us/j/81706339239

Recorded for later viewing at https://eng.auburn.edu/ai-au/forum


Dr. Jackey Gong, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering / Sensor-Accelerated Intelligent Learning Laboratory (SAIL)


At the forefront of integrating AI to enhance rural resilience, the state of Alabama stands poised to become a leader in this innovative field. This talk will spotlight Alabama’s unique capabilities in rural health, water management, and transportation as a foundation for pioneering AI solutions. The newly founded Alabama Center for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence focuses on developing sustainable, AI-driven solutions to address critical challenges in these sectors, with benefits extending beyond Alabama’s rural communities to have a global impact. Additionally, the talk will emphasize the crucial role of collaborative efforts among academic researchers, local communities, and policymakers in driving these advancements in AI.


Dr. Jiaqi (Jackey) Gong serves as the Inaugural Director of the Alabama Center for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. With a prolific academic record, he has authored over 70 peer-reviewed papers in the field of AI. Dr. Gong’s extensive interdisciplinary research expertise shines in the development of advanced AI-based systems, particularly attuned to the social and ethical contexts within rural resilience across health, education, and environmental sectors.

At UA, Dr. Gong’s research has been recognized and supported by significant funding, totaling around $3M in his share, primarily from the NSF and NIH. His work focuses on Human-Centered AI, integrating human-centered computing with AI principles to enhance human capabilities within a socially and ethically aware framework. This innovative approach has aided his efforts to develop AI systems that effectively monitor, model, and modify human behavior. These systems aim to elevate clinical benefits and significantly bolster rural resilience. Dr. Gong’s contributions to AI are pivotal in bridging technological advancement with human-centric applications, underscoring his commitment to leveraging AI for societal betterment, especially in rural communities. For more details about the speaker, please click here: https://eng.ua.edu/eng-directory/dr-jiaqi-jackey-gong/