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Artificial intelligence as a Catalyst for Innovation and Discovery

Friday, February 9, 2024

February 9th, 2024

10am CST

Livestreamed on Zoom @ https://auburn.zoom.us/j/81706339239

Recorded for later viewing at https://eng.auburn.edu/ai-au/forum


Dr. Charreau Bell, Dept. of Computer Science / Vanderbilt Data Science Institute, Vanderbilt University


In this talk, we explore artificial intelligence as a transformative force across a range of academic disciplines. The Data Science Institute (DSI) at Vanderbilt University employs an inclusive, collaborative framework for data science/AI projects and research, culminating in a diverse AI portfolio. Contextualized by these efforts, we will discuss the evolution of AI and the increasingly sophisticated solutions it offers to various disciplines. Additionally, we will examine the impact of AI’s growing democratization and its role in lowering technical barriers, broadening the scope of who can innovate and problem-solve using these tools. This shift is paving the way for new scientific discoveries and expansive innovation as a more diverse set of minds come together to create solutions for positive societal impact.


Charreau Bell, Ph.D., is a senior data scientist at the Data Science Institute (DSI) at Vanderbilt University (VU), the faculty director of the undergraduate data science minor, and an assistant professor of the practice of computer science at VU. In her current role, she leads several data science projects across a spectrum of disciplines using artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable discovery and create new pathways for innovation. She seeks to train and empower others of diverse skill levels and educational backgrounds confidently and responsibly use data science tools to reach their research goals and business objectives.

Prior to joining the DSI, she earned her Doctorate, Master’s, and Bachelor’s degrees in engineering from Vanderbilt University. Her Ph.D. focused on creating new algorithms for understanding the resting state behavior of the brain using functional brain imaging technology. For more details about the speaker, please click here: https://www.vanderbilt.edu/datascience/person/charreau-bell/