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Democratizing AI with Information Assurance and Knowledge Grounding

Friday, September 8, 2023

Democratizing AI with Information Assurance and Knowledge Grounding

Dr. Santu Karmaker

Friday, Sept. 8, 2023 at 10 a.m. CST

Zoom Link or copy and paste link: https://auburn.zoom.us/j/81706339239



Even though Artificial Intelligence (AI) has existed for a while, its broad accessibility is a recent development, exemplified by ChatGPT. This is because, until recently, we lacked the capability to engage with AI in natural conversations and experience responses akin to human-like interactions. While such broad accessibility provides a great opportunity to democratize AI across general people, it comes with several key risks and challenges, e.g., Information Assurance, Contextual Understanding, Biases, Ethical Concerns, Cyber Threats, and Data Poisoning, to name a few. This talk will focus exclusively on two important challenges related to the democratization of AI, i.e., Information Assurance (in the first part) and Contextual Understanding (in the second part). The first part of the talk will introduce a general framework for Information Assurance in the context of multi-perspective narrative understanding and demonstrate how zero-shot deep-learning approaches can be devised to measure and provide such Assurance. The second part will demonstrate how Contextual Understanding can be enhanced in Conversational-AI systems for ill-defined and previously unseen complex tasks and lay the roadmap for a natural dialog-based intelligent agent, a “Virtual Interactive Data Scientist (VIDS)”. VIDS can be considered the future SIRI or ALEXA that can assist users in solving real-world data science problems through natural conversation. Finally, the talk will highlight some interesting future directions in line with the democratization of AI and associated challenges.


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