June 11, 2020

More than 1,300 SEC student-athletes earn degrees

By: SEC Staff
SECU (Twitter: @TheSECU)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (June 11, 2020)—– More than 1,300 current and former student-athletes at Southeastern Conference universities earned degrees during the 2019-20 academic year.

A total of 948 SEC student-athletes graduated from their respective universities during the month of May, following 373 graduates in the fall. Each of the SEC’s 21 sponsored sports is represented among the graduates, and student-athletes of six non-sponsored SEC sports also earned their degrees.

Any of these graduates who did not exhaust their eligibility will wear the SEC Graduation Patch in competition next year. The 2019-20 academic year marked the fourth year of the SEC Graduate Patch initiative, where the SEC logo patch on graduates’ uniforms is replaced with a special patch with the word “Graduate” underneath the conference logo.

Following is a complete list of student-athletes at SEC institutions who graduated in May 2020:


Connor Adams (Football); Elle Anderson (Rowing); Henry Barrett (Men’s Track and Field); Camden Bauer (Baseball); Sydney Boles (Rowing); Eva Borrowdale (Volleyball); Caroline Brooks (Women’s Track and Field); Cameron Brown (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Deonte Brown (Football); Joseph Bulovas (Football); Kayla Cecil (Women’s Track and Field); Wynter Childers (Gymnastics); Makena Clark (Rowing); Casey Cobb (Baseball); Sarah Cornell (Softball); Alba Cortina Pou (Women’s Tennis); Peyton Cowell (Rowing); Gaby Crawford (Rowing); Karen Crews (Volleyball); Alexa Cruz (Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country); Symone Darius (Women’s Track and Field); Olivia DeGroot (Rowing); Maddie Desch (Gymnastics); Jake DeZoort (Men’s Golf); Abigail Dickinson (Women’s Track and Field); Kylie Diffley (Rowing); Joe Donald (Football); Nickolette Dunbar (Women’s Track and Field); Raien Emery (Rowing); Luca Fabian (Women’s Tennis); Alina Faunce (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Thomas Fletcher (Football); Miller Forristall (Football); William Freeman (Baseball); Samantha Gafford (Rowing); Shelby Gibson (Women’s Basketball); Esther Gitahi (Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country); Sarah Giuliani (Rowing); Chris Goode (Football); Cori Guay (Rowing); Ariana Guerra (Gymnastics); Nicki Guerrero (Gymnastics); Keilani Hamann (Rowing); Johnny Hawk (Baseball); Bailey Hemphill (Softball); Hailey Higgins (Rowing); Ashley Homan (Volleyball); Hannah Howard (Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country); Cierra Johnson (Women’s Basketball); Sean Kelly (Football); Ashley Knight (Women’s Basketball); Nigel Knott (Football); Daniel Kober (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Gabrielle Krieger (Rowing); Alex Leatherwood (Football); Kyle Maas (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Shea Mahoney (Gymnastics); Shannon Marsh (Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country); Nealy Martin (Soccer) Le’Ron McClain (Football); Carley McCoin (Rowing); Hayley McSparin (Volleyball); Elliott Miller (Men’s Track & Field/Cross Country); Taylor Morgan (Soccer); Kacey Oberlander (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Dylan Oliver (Baseball); John Parker (Football); Jacqueline Pelletier (Women’s Tennis); Ginger Perinar (Volleyball); Alexis Preski (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Mauricia Prieto (Women’s Track and Field); Josh Pugh (Football); Amber Richardson (Women’s Basketball); Oliver Rigg (Men’s Track and Field/Cross Country); Kolby Robinson (Baseball); Garret Rukes (Baseball); Arielle Schafer (Rowing); Davis Shore (Men’s Golf); Lexi Souther (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Rebekah Stewart (Rowing); Avery Stuchell (Women’s Track and Field); Allie Surrency (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Ariana Sweany (Rowing); Brittany Tolson (Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country); Katie Toth (Rowing); Kaylee Tow (Softball); Chadarius Townsend (Football); Loren Ugheoke (Football); Zane Waddell (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Jasmine Walker (Women’s Basketball); Keitavious Walter (Men’s Track and Field); Portious Warren (Women’s Track and Field); Drew Williams (Men’s Track and Field); Kiara Williams (Women’s Track and Field); Kiana Winston (Gymnastics); Abby Wohler (Rowing); Daniel Wright (Football); Kenzie Wright (Women’s Golf); Sophia Yurosek (Rowing); Samantha Zelden (Women’s Track and Field).


Adrio Bailey (Men’s Basketball); Jada Baylark (Women’s Track and Field); Elleyt Belote (Women’s Track and Field); Matthew Berry (Football); Gilbert Boit (Men’s Track and Field); Caleb Bolden (Baseball); Graham Brown (Men’s Track and Field); Jalen Brown (Men’s Track and Field); Payton Brown (Women’s Track and Field); Alex Byrnes (Women’s Track and Field); Victoria Cannata (Soccer); Jacqueline Carr (Women’s Tennis); Cameron Case (Men’s Track and Field); Preston Cates (Men’s Track and Field); Sarah Dalton Chambliss (Swimming and Diving); Shakiel Chattoo (Men’s Track and Field); Devin Clark (Women’s Track and Field); Shane Clenin (Football); Sydney Davis (Women’s Track and Field); Marshall Denton (Baseball); Stefani Doyle (Soccer); Chelsea Dungee (Women’s Basketball); Hailey Garner (Gymnastics); Luis Garza (Men’s Golf); Kailey Gillings (Gymnastics); Lauren Graves (Softball); Abby Gray (Women’s Track and Field); Olivia Groeber (Women’s Track and Field); Elias Hale (Football); Jalen Harris (Men’s Basketball); Kevin Harris (Men’s Track and Field); Chase Hayden (Football); Harrison Heffley (Baseball); Hayden Henry (Football); Hunter Henry (Football); Carly Holland (Swimming and Diving); Riley Hoogerwerf (Women’s Track and Field); Anna Hopkin (Swimming and Diving); Colton Jackson (Football); Ryan Jackson (Softball); Rachel Jantzi (Women’s Track and Field); Hayden Johnson (Football); Jordan Jones (Football); Blake Kern (Football); Marissa Kinsey (Soccer); Jessamine Kitto (Women’s Track and Field); Kevin Kopps (Baseball); Tamara Kuykendall (Women’s Track and Field); Connor Limpert (Football); Jack Lindsey (Football); Madison Louk (Soccer); Katie Lund (Soccer); Shafiqua Maloney (Women’s Track and Field); Kayla McKeon (Soccer); Jalen Merrick (Football); Oscar Mesquida (Men’s Tennis); Tyson Morris (Football); Kacey Murphy (Baseball); Ryan Murphy (Men’s Track and Field); Laquan Nairn (Men’s Track and Field); Mason Overstreet (Men’s Golf); Chase Pareti (Men’s Track and Field); Sydney Parr (Softball); Genna Potter (Women’s Track and Field); Amber Ramirez (Women’s Basketball); Kirby Rathjen (Gymnastics); Yasmeen Ratliff (Women’s Basketball); Madeleine Reed (Women’s Track and Field); Tyson Reeder (Men’s Golf); Joy Riplslinger (Women’s Track and Field); Alex Ritchey (Women’s Track and Field);  Sarah Shaffer (Gymnastics); Grace St. Germain (Women’s Golf); Autumn Storms (Softball); Jimmie Stoudemire (Football); Greta Taylor (Women’s Track and Field); Alexis Tolefree (Women’s Basketball); Carina Viljoen (Women’s Track and Field); Dalton Wagner (Football); De’Vion Warren (Football); Catherine Warrick (Softball); Kiara Williams (Women’s Basketball); Brenden Young (Football).


Georgie Axon (Women’s Tennis); Treva Aycock (Soccer); Katie Becker (Gymnastics); Enija Bidzane (Volleyball); Thomas Collier (Men’s Basketball); Emma Crosbie (Equestrian); David Crossland (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Conor Davis (Baseball); Gracie Day (Gymnastics); Claire Fisch (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Phelps Gambill (Football); Jessie Gerow (Soccer); Devin Guice (Football); Karli Gutsche (Soccer); Chase Hall (Baseball); Reagan Harrell (Men’s Golf); Katie Hickman (Soccer); Jaqueline Hippi (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Bailey Horn (Baseball); Mike Horton (Football); Elena Hualde Zuniga (Women’s Golf); Graysen Huff (Men’s Golf); Kara Kaufmann (Equestrian); Brenda Kigen (Women’s Track and Field); Becky Kozma (Equestrian); Morgan Kull (Volleyball); Sage Ledbetter (Football); Ryan Lee (Men’s Track and Field); Will Macoy (Men’s Basketball); Alison Maillard (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Kayley Marschke (Women’s Golf); Tyra Massey (Women’s Track and Field); Shea McNamara (Volleyball); Julie Meynen (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Malik Miller (Football); Peyton Montgomery (Women’s Track and Field); Kendal Moss (Gymnastics); Pace Ozmint (Football); Haley Pembroke (Equestrian); Justus Perry (Softball); Camille Porter (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Alyssa Rivera (Softball); Jacob Rogers (Football); Taylor Russo (Women’s Tennis); Prince Micheal Sammons (Football); Rocio Sanders (Soccer); Matt Scheffler (Baseball); Taylor Searles (Equestrian); Skyler Sheppard (Gymnastics); Sam Sherrod (Football); Emma Slappey (Gymnastics); Anna Claire Smith (Equestrian); Tony Stevens (Football); Christopher Stone (Men’s Track and Field); Eli Stove (Football); Ashlee Swindle (Softball); Daniel Thomas (Football); Lillian Wagner (Equestrian); Caroline Walker (Equestrian); Presley Weems (Women’s Track and Field); Kiyae’ White (Women’s Basketball).


Justin Alintoff (Baseball); Luke Ancrum (Football); Katya Aslanidi (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Autumn Bartlett (Women’s Track and Field); Elisabeth Bergh (Women’s Track and Field); Sammie Betters (Soccer); Tori Bindi (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Lexi Bolton (Lacrosse); Jade Caraway (Softball); Caleb Chambliss  (Men’s Track and Field); Garrett Conner (Football); Madison Conway (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Kelsey Dambacher (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Yanis David (Women’s Track and Field); Nick Deal (Men’s Track and Field); Matt den Dekker (Baseball); Brett DioGuardi (Football); Blake Dyer (Men’s Golf); Sophia Ebihara (Women’s Track and Field); Anders Eriksson (Men’s Track and Field); Jacob Finn (Football); Nolan Fontana (Baseball); Bella Garofalo (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Allison Gregory (Volleyball); Jack Guyton (Men’s Track and Field); Chanelle Hargreaves (Volleyball); Michael Harris (Men’s Track and Field); Jillian Hatch (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Brett Heggie (Football); Kenzii Kittell (Lacrosse); Kayli Kvistad (Softball); Kendyl Lindaman (Softball); Amanda Lorenz (Softball); Haillie Lower (Soccer); Kirby McMullen (Baseball); Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell (Women’s Track and Field); Sydney Morang (Women’s Basketball); Madison Morse (Women’s Track and Field); Justin Pacifico (Men’s Track and Field); Emily Petillo (Lacrosse); Magnus Pettersen (Men’s Track and Field); Elif Portkal (Women’s Basketball); Danielle Rainey (Women’s Basketball); Sophia Reynoso (Softball); Carlotta Ricolfi (Women’s Golf); Jordan Roberts (Softball); Parker Roberts (Soccer); Paige Robinson (Women’s Basketball); Tess Sapone (Soccer); Sydney Sell (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Nick Sproles (Football); Alex Stubblebine (Soccer); Jack Szaranek (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Cara Trombetta (Lacrosse); Alex Voss (Softball); Tevin Westbrook (Football); Amara Wiggan (Women’s Track and Field).


Edward Christopher Atmore (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Mary Wilson Avant (Softball); Alexander Bemiller (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Tucker Bradley (Baseball); John Bradley (Men’s Track and Field);  Grace Bridges (Equestrian); Keely Cartrett (Soccer); Eleni Christofi (Women’s Tennis); Emily Clark (Equestrian); Gabriela Coello (Women’s Golf); Maddy Darst (Equestrian); Pape Diatta (Men’s Basketball); Rachel Dickson (Gymnastics); Jordan Doggett (Softball); Samuel Dromsky (Men’s Tennis); Willie Erdman (Football); Maddie Fiorante (Equestrian); Jackson Ford (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Clayton Forde (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Sam Gastelum (Equestrian); Justin Glover (Baseball); Kendall Glover (Volleyball); Adam Goodman (Baseball); Jordyn Gulle (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Jessie Harvey (Soccer); Ansley Heavern (Women’s Track and Field); Walker Higgins (Men’s Swimming and Diving);  Joshua Horne (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Lauren Hull (Equestrian); Katie Jackson (Women’s Track and Field); Makenzi Kopp (Women’s Track and Field); Kate Kramer (Equestrian); Kelsey Kurnett (Women’s Golf); Shauna Lee (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Meg Lemons (Equestrian); Jay Litherland (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Kevin Litherland (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Mick Litherland (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Robert Loeb (Men’s Tennis); Alyssa Luckhardt (Equestrian); Katie MacGinnitie (Soccer); Emma Mandarino (Equestrian); Stella Martin (Equestrian); Calum Masters (Men’s Golf); Hayden Merrick (Women’s Track and Field); Kevin Miller (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Tairyn Montgomery (Women’s Track and Field); Logan Moody (Baseball); Michael Nicholls (Men’s Track and Field); Aaron Olalude (Football); Stephanie Paul (Women’s Basketball); Annabeth Payne (Equestrian);  Alex Phillips (Men’s Tennis); Noelle Pinckney (Equestrian); Nathaniel Reichard (Men’s Track and Field); Carly Reinsel (Equestrian); John Seter (Football); Cam Shepherd (Baseball); Sydney Shultis (Soccer); Julia Spreng (Equestrian); Daria Stan (Soccer); Jordan Stout (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Patrick Sullivan (Baseball); Amber Tanner (Women’s Track and Field); Juwan Taylor (Football); Trevor Tinder (Baseball); Ali Tritschler (Equestrian); Shaelyn Vering (Equestrian); Shedrick Wynn (Football); Justin Young (Football).


Chloe Abbott (Women’s Track and Field); Parth Aggarwal (Men’s Tennis); Wyatt Amdor (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Celera Barnes (Women’s Track and Field); Kyle Barrett (Baseball); Marissa Bosco (Women’s Soccer); César Bourgois (Men’s Tennis); Glen Brown (Men’s Swimming and Diving); T.J. Carter (Football); Riley Caudill (Women’s Track and Field); Carson Coleman (Baseball);  T.J. Collett (Baseball); Zoe Collins (Women’s Golf); Jacob Cook (Men’s Golf); Gina Crosetti (Women’s Soccer); Elliott Curtis (Baseball); John Daido (Football); Breydon Daniel (Baseball); Emma Dellmore (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Cole Dowdy (Men’s Track and Field); Tanner Dowdy (Men’s Track and Field); Leah Edmond (Volleyball); Ellen Ekholm (Women’s Track and Field); Nicole Fautsch (Women’s Track and Field); Brennan Fields (Men’s Track and Field); Ian Foos (Rifle); Geena Freriks (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Ali Galyer (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Wilbur Hackett (Football); Sabrina Haines (Women’s Basketball); Jackson Hawthorne (Men’s Soccer); Jason Head (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Tanner Holen (Baseball); Phil Hoskins (Football); Lesedi Jacobs (Women’s Tennis); Jordan Jones (Football); Morgan Lakes (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Zeke Lewis (Baseball); Matt Liston (Men’s Golf); Sarah Loheide (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Katherine Marianos (Gymnastics); Brett Marshall (Baseball); Alex Martens (Softball); Caroline McCleary (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Max Mehles (Men’s Golf); Lizzy Merriman (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Leah Meyer (Volleyball); Nazr Mohammed (Men’s Basketball); Alex Nelson (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Kathryn Painter (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Paige Poffenberger (Women’s Basketball); Hailey Poland (Gymnastics); Jaida Roper (Women’s Basketball); Faith Ross (Women’s Track and Field); Drew Schlegel (Football); Kylie Schmaltz (Volleyball); Asia Seidt (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Jaren Shelby (Baseball); JaVon Shelby (Baseball); Caitlin Shepard (Women’s Track and Field); Sarah Shipley (Women’s Golf); Larissa Spellman (Softball); Alex Taylor (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Matthew Thomas (Men’s Track and Field); Clevan Thomas Jr. (Football); Bailey Vick (Softball); Ahmad Wagner (Football); Enzo Wallart (Men’s Tennis); Jamar Watson (Football); Peter Wetzlar (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Kamilah Williams (Women’s Track and Field); Terry Wilson (Football); Mason Wolfe (Football); Walker Wood (Football); Benjamin Young (Men’s Track and Field).


Will Arthur (Swimming and Diving); LaToya Ashman (Women’s Basketball); Matthew Beck (Baseball); Da’Quan Bellard (Track and Field); Colby Brunet (Football); Donavaughn Campbell (Football); Caitie Cantrill (Soccer); Raigen Cianciulli (Volleyball); Claire Coppola (Beach Volleyball); Lizzie Cui (Swimming and Diving); Monica Dibildox (Women’s Golf); Mia Dubroc (Soccer); Travin Dural (Football); Lindsey Eaton (Soccer); Kennedi Edney (Gymnastics); LindsayFlory (Volleyball); Sara Funderburk (Track and Field); Aaron George (Baseball); Andre Girouard (Track and Field); Drew Gonzales (Men’s Golf); Marshall Graves (Men’s Basketball); Ruby Harrold (Gymnastics); Annie Jung (Track and Field); Hunter Kiel (Baseball); Ashlyn Kirby (Gymnastics); Taryn Kloth (Beach Volleyball); Christian LaCouture (Football); Karl Luht (Swimming and Diving); Tonea Marshall (Track and Field); Skylar Mays (Men’s Basketball); LaurenMcIntosh (Swimming and Diving); Ayana Mitchell (Women’s Basketball); Sydney Mukes (Volleyball); Hollie Parker (Track and Field); Olivia Powers (Beach Volleyball); Nicole Rozier (Swimming and Diving); Sven Saemundsson (Swimming and Diving); Jakori Savage (Football); Allyson Seals (Track and Field); Michael Smith (Football); Rakell Spencer (Women’s Basketball); Courtney Tapocik (Track and Field); Ruy Teixeira (Men’s Tennis); Richard Thompson (Track and Field); Cole Tracy (Football); Jariel Tureaud (Volleyball); Reuben Twijukye (Track and Field); Eric Walker (Baseball); Amelie Whitehurst (Track and Field); Jack Wilkes (Track and Field); Kahlee York Beach (Volleyball); Anna Zwiebel (Volleyball).

Ole Miss

Ryder Anderson (Football); Conner Beth Ball (Women’s Golf); Taylor Broadway Baseball); Kieshonna Brooks (Women’s Track and Field); Mac Brown (Football); James Burnett (Men’s Track and Field); Kendall Chavarria (Women’s Track and Field); Chelsea Drum (Women’s Track and Field); Jared Farlow (Football); Kweisi Fountain (Football); Austin Garrett (Men’s Track and Field); Autumn Gillespie (Softball); Izzy Guzik (Volleyball); Myles Hartsfield (Football); Derrick Herman (Football); Pi-Lillebi Hermansson (Women’s Golf); Gunnar Hoglund (Baseball); Haley Hood (Women’s Track and Field); Molly Jacobsen (Softball); Tereza Janatova (Women’s Tennis); Julia Johnson (Women’s Golf); Nicole Kallenberger (Women’s Track and Field); Alana Kelly (Rifle); Diane Lim (Women’s Golf); Luke Logan (Football); Mike Mayers (Baseball); Maddie McHugh (Women’s Track and Field); Conner McKay (Men’s Basketball); Royce Newman (Football); Hal Northern (Football); Nicole Purcell (Volleyball); Andrew Raspo (Men’s Track and Field); Grant Restmeyer (Football); La’Karis Salter (Women’s Basketball); Momo Sanogo (Football); Bayleigh Scott (Volleyball); Shandricka Sessom (Women’s Basketball); Kaira Simmons (Women’s Track and Field); Emily Stroup (Volleyball); KC Swaim (Football); Kennedy Swann (Women’s Golf); Chanel Thomas (Soccer); Breein Tyree (Men’s Basketball); Cassius Vaughn (Football); Nayo Warnell (Volleyball); Isaac Way (Football); Jordan Wilkins (Football).

Mississippi State

Griffin Agent (Men’s Golf); Olivia Benner (Volleyball); Tyson Carter (Men’s Basketball); Andrea Compper-Banguillot (Soccer); Amarrah Cooks (Volleyball); Jordan Danberry (Women’s Basketball); Cameron Dantzler (Football); Elton Datcher (Men’s Basketball); Teri Doss (Women’s Golf); Jack Eagan (Baseball); McKenzie Ethridge (Women’s Track and Field); Brian Evans, Jr. (Men’s Track and Field); Madison Giammona (Soccer); Olivia Hernandez (Soccer); Tiffaney Johnson (Women’s Track and Field); Dontea Jones (Football); Stephen Jones (Men’s Track and Field); Taylor Kelly (Softball); Fa Leilua (Softball); Sara Lizariturry (Women’s Tennis); Lester Miller (Men’s Track and Field); Emily Mitchell (Softball); Sarai Niu (Softball); Stewart Reese (Football); Anastasia Rentouli (Women’s Tennis); Sylvia Russell (Women’s Track and Field); Kody Schexnayder (Football); Dustin Skelton (Baseball); Alleah Stamatis (Volleyball); Malcum Tatum (Men’s Track and Field); Curtis Thompson (Men’s Track and Field); Chardae Tryon (Women’s Track and Field); Emma Tucker (Women’s Track and Field); Adrienn Veisz (Women’s Track and Field); Alex Wallace (Women’s Track and Field); Tim Washington (Football); Austin Williams (Football); Lindsey Williams (Softball); Kayla T Williams (Women’s Track and Field); Herbert Wise III (Men’s Track and Field); Eryk Yunk (Men’s Track and Field); Hailey Zerbel (Soccer); Gabrielle Zgunda (Volleyball).


Paul Adams (Football); Nathaniel Anderson (Football); Brandt Belk (Baseball); Jacob Bohlken (Wrestling); Brett Bond (Baseball); Thomas Broyles (Baseball); Alex Butler (Wrestling); Jordan Chavis (Women’s Basketball); Izabella Coulter (Soccer); Kiley Deain (Women’s Track and Field); Arthur Deloach (Wrestling); Jose Diaz (Wrestling); Daniel Ellinger (Football); Samantha Farmer (Women’s Track and Field); Luke Fortuna (Wrestling); Rory Franssen (Men’s Golf); Anna Frick (Soccer); Kayla Funkenbusch (Women’s Track and Field); Madeleine Gehrke (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Thomas George (Men’s Track and Field); Paul Gomez (Baseball); Michaela Hackbarth (Women’s Track and Field); Caleb Hicks (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Christian Holmes (Football); Sean Hosford (Wrestling); Joseph Hoy (Football); Dante Jiovenetta (Wrestling); Jonathan Johnson (Football); Alyssa Johnson (Gymnastics); Cecilya Johnson (Women’s Track and Field); Peyton Joseph (Soccer); Henry Josey (Football); Spencer Juergens (Baseball); Rebecca Keating (Women’s Track and Field); Wyatt Koelling (Wrestling); Andrew Kreiter (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Patrick Kunza (Men’s Track and Field); Madison Lewis (Soccer); Sarah Luebbert (Soccer); Edward Mapel (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Rachael Marlar (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Canten Marriott (Wrestling); Jordan McClendon (Women’s Track and Field); Keegan McCormick (Wrestling); Reed Nikko (Men’s Basketball); Cherise Otter (Women’s Golf); Paige Perego (Volleyball); Morgan Porter (Gymnastics); Taylor Powell (Football); Sophia Racette (Women’s Track and Field); Sam Ritchie (Wrestling); Rick Sanders (Men’s Golf); Mikel Schreuders (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Faramola Shonekan (Women’s Track and Field); Tyler Sikkema (Baseball); Trevour Simms (Football); Amber Smith (Women’s Basketball); Nicholas Staver (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Nicholas Staver (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Wenting Sun (Volleyball); Nicholas Tepesch (Baseball); Antar Thompson (Football); Aspen Tucker (Gymnastics); Markell Utsey (Football); Lukas Veingergs (Baseball); Samantha Wilts (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Dylan Wisman (Wrestling).

South Carolina

Morgan Adams (Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country); Dallas Beaver (Baseball); Jair Bolden (Men’s Basketball); Sawyer Bridges (Baseball); Addison Bryant (Volleyball); Summie Carlay (Football); Slade Carroll  (Football); Arinze Chance (Men’s Track and Field); Gene Cone (Baseball); Emily Cornell (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Emily Crounse (Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country); Chavis Dawkins (Football); Cayla Drotar (Softball); Hannah Edelman (Beach Volleyball); Jabari  Ellis (Football); Leah Ford (Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country); Jaylan Foster (Football); Nina Gambacorta (Women’s Track and Field); Kyle Gentry (Football); Hannah Gerlock (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Caroline Gute (Equestrian); Mikiah Harrigan (Women’s Basketball); Tyasha Harris (Women’s Basketball); Madelynne Herlocker (Equestrian); Albury Higgs (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Sadarius Hutcherson (Football); JT Ibe  (Football); Elizabeth “Bailey” Imbus (Equestrian); Andrew “Drew” Johnson (Men’s Soccer); Megan Jones (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Christian Kinsley (Football); Rebecca  Koch (Women’s Soccer); Courtney Koehler (Volleyball); Maik  Kotsar (Men’s Basketball); James “Brad” Kurtz (Men’s Soccer); Lissa Labiche (Men’s Track and Field); Christina Lappin (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Kelsey Larkin (Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country); Graham Lawson (Baseball); Morgan Lee (Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country); Alexis Lindsey (Softball); Edith Lingmann (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Kevin  Liu (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Kailey Mattison (Women’s Soccer); Sean McGonigal (Football); Sarah-Sims McGrath (Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country); Brittany McLean (Volleyball); Ana Menendez  (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Tatumn Milazzo (Women’s Soccer); David “Tucker” Monheimer (Men’s Soccer); Amanda Murphy (Women’s Track and Field); Sarah Nacouzi (Beach Volleyball); Matthew Oliveira (Football); Joseph Pankake (Baseball); Erin “Maddy” Parker (Equestrian); Ana Pelaez (Women’s Golf); Caleb Proveaux (Men’s Golf); William Riggs (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Justin Rose (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Frances Rosseland (Beach Volleyball); Carly Schnieder (Beach Volleyball); Jordan Scott (Equestrian); Madison Sellman (Equestrian); Kathleen Shannahan (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Darrell Singleton (Men’s Track and Field); Katie Smith (Beach Volleyball); Alicia Starr (Volleyball); Anna Stoddard (Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country); Heather Stone (Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country); Hailey Sweatman (Women’s Track and Field); Robert Tucker III (Football); Anita Uwadia (Women’s Golf); Marion Veysseyre (Women’s Golf); Noah Walker (Men’s Track and Field); MJ Webb (Football); Parker White (Football); Rebecca Wickre (Equestrian); DJ Wonnum (Football); Alexander Woznick (Football).


Taylor Abbott (Swimming and Diving); Nicole Adams (Track and Field); Alyssa Andreno (Volleyball); Tianna Batts (Softball); Channing Bearden (Rowing); Ja’Quain Blakely (Football); Jordan Bone (Men’s Basketball); Jordan Bowden (Men’s Basketball); Mary Cayten Brakefield (Swimming and Diving); Brooklynn Broadwater (Track and Field); Devante Brooks (Football); Erika Brown (Swimming and Diving); Lou Brown (Women’s Basketball); McKinley Burkett (Soccer); Saqukine Cameron (Track and Field); Abigail Craine (Rowing); Rennia Davis (Women’s Basketball); Kyle DeCoursey (Swimming and Diving); Pete Derkay (Baseball); Gashaw Duhamel (Track and Field); Matthew Dunphy (Swimming and Diving); Carlin Fils-aime (Football); Jacob Fleschman (Men’s Basketball); Claire Franks (Soccer); John Fulkerson (Men’s Basketball); Matthew Garcia (Swimming and Diving); Brayden Garrison (Men’s Golf); Kenneth George Jr. (Football); Madison Graham (Swimming and Diving); Landon Gray (Baseball); Tessa Grubbs (Volleyball); Steve Hamer (Men’s Basketball); Cailin Hannon (Softball); Sedona Hansen (Volleyball); Nate Harper (Track and Field); Darryl Harris (Track and Field); Kamera Harris (Women’s Basketball); Nick Hassler (Track and Field); Jenna Holcomb (Softball); Hannah Holman (Swimming and Diving); Brandon Johnson (Football); Carrie Johnson (Swimming and Diving); Scott Jones (Men’s Tennis); Kasiyahna Kushkituah (Women’s Basketball); Aubrey Leach (Softball); Jessica Magnoli (Rowing); Brookmyer McIntyre (Rowing); Stanzi Moseley (Swimming and Diving); Nathan Murray (Swimming and Diving); Megan Murray (Track and Field); Rhys Nevin (Men’s Golf); Chip Omer (Football); Zach Osborne (Baseball); Treasuary Poindexter (Softball); Peerless Price (Football); Tim Raab (Swimming and Diving); Ariadna Riley (Women’s Tennis); Benito Santiago (Baseball); Gabby Schuck (Women’s Tennis); Tristan Slater (Track and Field); Darryl Sullivan (Track and Field); Amalia Tsiavou (Rowing); Sean Wilcox (Men’s Golf); Micheala Williams (Women’s Golf); Hunter Wolcott (Men’s Golf); Jake Yelich (Football).

Texas A&M

Briana Alston (Soccer); Riley Anderson (Football); Olivia Ausmus (Soccer); Cagan Baldree (Football); Lauryn Barrientos (Women’s Track and Field); Kaley Batten (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Anna Belousova (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Anna Billings (Equestrian); Jon Bishop (Men’s Track and Field); Johnathon Blaine (Men’s Track and Field); Rebecca Bonta (Women’s Track and Field); Keldrick Carper (Football); John Clark (Football); Hunter Coleman (Baseball); Chris Collins (Men’s Basketball); Mason Corbett (Baseball); Grace Cory (Soccer); Ashley Davidson (Equestrian); Anna Dreimane (Women’s Basketball); Ashley Driscoll (Women’s Track and Field); Raena Eldridge (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Jaqwae Ellison (Men’s Track and Field); Kobie Eubanks (Men’s Basketball); Kelbi Fortenberry (Softball); Blake-Ann Fritsch (Softball); Travon Fuller (Football); Tiffany Futscher (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Darby Gardner (Equestrian); Jake Gibbons (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Joshua Gliege (Men’s Golf); Camila Gomez Hernandez (Volleyball); Raymond Gonzales (Men’s Track and Field); Monika Gonzalez Hermosillo Holtz (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Mateo Gonzalez Medina (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Robert Grant (Men’s Track and Field); Tyler Guillory (Men’s Track and Field); Colton Haffey (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Hollann Hans (Volleyball); Julie Hill (Equestrian); Margaret Hoffman (Women’s Track and Field); Ashton Hutcherson (Women’s Track and Field); Aahliyah Jackson (Women’s Basketball); Jeremiah Jeffery (Football); Marquez Johnson (Football); Alais Kalonji (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Adam Koster (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Alexandra Marlow (Equestrian); Jose Martinez Gomez (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Kirby Matocha (Women’s Track and Field); Audrey McKnight (Women’s Track and Field); Sara Metzsch (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Danny Milam (Football); Amy Miller (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Brittany Parker (Women’s Track and Field); Sydney Pickrem (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Kathryn Portz (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Kendall Potts (Softball); Brandt Preston (Men’s Track and Field); Lauren Rachuba (Equestrian); Claire Rasmus (Women’s Swimming and Diving); Danielle Rice (Soccer); Andrew Riethman (Football); McCrae Rutledge (Football); Ricky Seals-Jones (Football); Haley Slocum (Volleyball); Hunter Smith (Football); Ciynamon Stevenson (Women’s Track and Field); Colton Taylor (Football); Ann Elizabeth Tebow (Equestrian); Sam Thornton (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Benjamin Walker (Men’s Swimming and Diving); Callyn Walton (Soccer); Kelsie Warren (Women’s Track and Field); Shambria Washington (Women’s Basketball); Aaliyah Wilson (Women’s Basketball); Falon Wilson (Women’s Track and Field).


Lily Argyle (Lacrosse); John Augenstein (Men’s Golf); Leila Azari (Soccer); Nicholas (Gil) Barksdale (Football); Andrew Birchmeier (Football); Kacie Breeding (Women’s Cross Country); Maria Bulanova (Bowling); Mattern Burnett (Lacrosse); Reagan Bustamante (Women’s Cross Country); Abbey Carlson (Women’s Golf); Lealea Carter (Women’s Basketball); Kaleigh Clemons-Green (Women’s Basketball); Lauren Demarchi (Soccer); Kristen Denk (Track and Field); Kendall Derry (Women’s Cross Country); Gwyn Devin (Lacrosse); Nia Dorsey (Soccer); Tyler Duvall (Baseball); Hannon Eberts (Soccer); Mariella Fasoula (Women’s Basketball); Madison Foglio (Lacrosse); Sarah Gordon (Women’s Basketball); Mason Greenberg (Men’s Golf); Ryley Guay (Football); Sophie Halper (Swimming); Elijah Hamilton (Football); Paige Hamilton (Swimming); Anthony (Mo) Hasan (Football); Kenny Hebert (Football); Andrew Irvine (Men’s Cross Country); Grace Jackson (Soccer); Jonathan Jossell (Men’s Basketball); William Kopp (Football); Emma Kurtz (Women’s Tennis); Bryanna Leyen (Bowling); Caleigh Lofstead (Track and Field); Carlton Lorenz (Football); Cody Markel (Football); Emily Mathewson (Lacrosse); Andre Mintze (Football); Lauren Moffett (Women’s Cross Country); Matthew Moyer (Men’s Basketball); Riley Neal (Football); Margaret Ollinger (Track and Field); Samuel Nathan Oram-Jones (Football); Selah Peacock (Swimming); Caleb Peart (Football); Caroline Pietrzyk (Women’s Cross Country); Jared Pinkney (Football); Austin Quillen (Football); Harrison Ray (Baseball); Emily Rigney (Bowling); Christina Rosca (Women’s Tennis); William Rowe (Men’s Tennis); Caroline Saltmarsh (Soccer); Namilla Sanchez (Swimming); Josiah Sa’o (Football); Rebecca Schulte (Track and Field); Justice Shelton-Mosley (Football); Mailin Struck (Women’s Cross Country); Donaven Tennyson (Football); Harrison Thomas (Women’s Cross Country); Breinne Thorne (Swimming); Cameron Tidd (Football); Taiana Tolleson (Soccer); Sara Tsai (Women’s Cross Country); KeShawn Vaughn (Football); Panu Virtanen (Men’s Tennis); Adel Wahner (Bowling); Jamauri Wakefield (Football); Deuce Wallace (Football); Saige Young (Football).