September 22, 2014

SEC Symposium Shows League About More Than Sports

Dr. Gearhart makes remarks during the opening day of the SEC Symposium
Dr. Gearhart makes remarks during the opening day of the SEC Symposium

By: Sean Cartell
SECU (Twitter: @TheSECU)

The 2014 Southeastern Conference Symposium, designed to address a significant scholarly issue by utilizing the range of disciplinary strengths represented by the SEC’s 14 member universities, continued its second day at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

Monday’s evening activities included the SEC Presidents, Chancellors and Provosts Reception, where all Symposium participants had an opportunity to meet and visit with senior leaders from around the SEC. Several SEC Presidents or Chancellors attended the event, including current University of Georgia President Jere Morehead, who was serving as the institution’s Provost when the SEC Symposium was first contemplated in 2010.

“I thought at that time and think even more so today as the President of the University of Georgia that it is very important for the Southeastern Conference to showcase the outstanding work that is going on at each of our institutions, not only in athletics, but also in the academic life of our institutions, Morehead said. “What you find at a Symposium like this one is evidence that all of us clearly understand that the SEC has, among its members, some of the finest institutions in the country.”

University of Arkansas Chancellor Dr. David Gearhart, the current Vice President of the SEC and the liaison to SECU, provided opening comments for the Symposium and was on hand at the reception. He said he believes the opportunity to bring together many of the top minds from SEC institutions will have a major impact on finding solutions for important challenges facing the Southeast.

“This Symposium allows the universities to bring together some of the top researchers, some of the top minds, on the topic of obesity prevention to talk about these terrible problems facing the American public,” Gearhart said. “Our universities have some of the best researchers anywhere in the nation on this particular topic.”

In addition to the Presidents and Chancellors, several SEC Provosts were also on hand, including Dr. Joe Glover from the University of Florida, who was a part of the original SEC Academic Consortium (precursor to SECU) Board of Directors. Glover said the cross-disciplinary approach employed by the SEC Symposium in addressing a big-picture issue is one of the keys to its success.

“If you look at any big problems that face us as a society, none of the big problems are going to be solved by an individual discipline,” Glover said. “They all require the contributions of faculty from many different disciplines. As a consequence, we all need to learn to work together and bring our individual talents to bear on different aspects of a problem.”

Susan Martin, Provost of the University of Tennessee, has seen first-hand the benefits that attending the Symposium has had on faculty members and students from SEC institutions.

“It’s been obvious to me through my interaction with our faculty and students – seeing them in action – that they have wonderful opportunities here for collaboration with other research practitioners,” Martin said. “There really is a wide range of people here. It’s a nice way to have a much richer discussion about the research that they are doing.”

While the SEC is well-known for the success of the athletics programs of its institutions, the SEC Symposium is another way to emphasize the academic strength of each university and the commitment the SEC has made to the overall success of each institution and its students.

“I think everyone knows that the SEC leads the nation in the quality of its athletics programs, but we’ve also got an important story to tell about the quality of our academic programs,” Morehead said. “This Symposium helps tell that story.”

The final day of the 2014 SEC Symposium begins on Tuesday at 8 a.m. ET. For more information on the SEC Symposium, please visit or