October 2023 – Host, University of Georgia

Two representatives from the SEC and Georgia presents Ox Sox the winning check and trophy.

First Place: Ox Sox, Matthew Tesvich, University of Georgia

Second Place: RaveBio, Jeremy Rutenberg and Nickolas Saavedra, University of Florida

Third Place: Dropllel, Parvin Fathi-Hafshejani, Auburn University

October 2022 – Host, Louisiana State University

SWAKE founder stands with two faculty advisors

First Place: SWAKE Cosmetics, Vanessa Sachs, University of Georgia

Second Place: Tuska Brew Solutions, Brian Henderson, University of Alabama

Third Place: D3D LLC, Alexander Weber, University of Tennessee

April 2022 – Host, University of South Carolina

First Place: ESG Impact, Max Mona and Adam Jace, Vanderbilt University

Second Place: Spuradix, Stephan Voelk, Max Wile and Parth Vashi, University of South Carolina

Third Place: Micro Hydro, Spencer Parker, University of Georgia

2020 – Host, University of Georgia (Virtual)

First Place: Vulcan Line Tools, Zac Young, Auburn University

Second Place: SKYPaws, Stephanie Young, Texas A&M University

Third Place: Debtle, Stephanie Hoskins, Louisiana State University

2019 – Host, Auburn University

First Place: Buzzbassador, Shelby Baldwin, Brandon Johns and Calvin Waddy, Mississippi State University

Second Place: Calving Technologies, LLC, Libby Martin, University of Missouri

Third Place: LCLIP, Ahad Azimuddin, Texas A&M University

2018 – Host, Texas A&M University

First Place: Lapovations, Jared Greer, University of Arkansas

Second Place: Roo Storage, Kristen Rivers and Jacob Hurrell, University of Missouri

Third Place: Navibas, Tina Abbasi, University of South Carolina

2017 – Host, University of Florida

First Place: Grox Industries, Witness Martin and Andrew Miles, University of Arkansas

Second Place: band.it, Max Gazeroglu and Domenic Aluise, University of Florida

Third Place: BioErgo, Bob Granzow, Mengdie Chen and Rong Huangfu, Auburn University

2015 – Host, SEC Symposium

First Place: TriFusion Devices, Brandon Sweeny and Blake Teipel, Texas A&M University

Second Place: Picasolar, Seth Shumate and Matthew Young, University of Arkansas

Third Place: Guru Skins, John Born, Dustin Giltnane and Jake Rheude, University of Tennessee